About School Community Councils:

School Community Councils are dedicated to the success and achievement of our students. The Utah State Legislature created these councils with three purposes in mind. The first is “To build consistent and effective communication among parents, employees and administrators.” Second, “To allow parents an opportunity to be actively involved, with the school, in their children’s education.” And third, “To enhance academic excellence at the school and address the needs of students.”

About Council Meetings

School Community Council meetings are an opportunity to share ideas, voice a concern, present ideas as to how the council might spent future School LAND Trust allocations, or ask questions concerning school plans that the council oversees, namely the School Improvement and School Land Trust Plan, the Digital Citizenship Plan, and our School Access Route Plan. We welcome patrons to attend any of the meetings listed on our meeting  schedule for the current school year, which can be found at the bottom of this webpage.  Additional meeting information, including agendas and minutes, is also available.

Consider Serving on the Council

We invite interested parents to consider serving on the School Community Council in future years.  Interested parents are able to submit a nomination form to be included on the election ballot.  Elections take place in the fall at the start of the school year.  Information on upcoming council vacancies and the election process is provided by the principal at the start of every school year.  For more information, please contact Principal Eagar at 801-610-8735.

Community Council Members

Additional Information

Alpine School District TSSA Webpage

Details of how Utah’s Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA) funding directly supports student learning in the district can be found on the Alpine School District School LAND Trust webpage.

Alpine School District School LAND Trust Webpage

Additional resources and information about the School LAND Trust program are available on the district School LAND Trust webpage.

Utah State School LAND Trust Website

Final additional information about the state School LAND Trust program.